Project Overview

Draft Goal Statement

The Study’s goal is to improve east-west travel for pedestrians and cyclists on Pennsylvania Avenue NW and persons using public transit along H and I Streets NW. The Study seeks to achieve this goal by developing alternatives based on public and stakeholder input.

The alternatives will be evaluated in terms of benefits to pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users; possible impacts on other users of the corridors; and safety.

The Study’s anticipated outcome will be a preferred set of improvements on H Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW that build on previous studies in the area and achieve the objectives presented below.

Draft Objectives

  1. Improve pedestrian and cyclist comfort, safety, and mobility on Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
  2. Improve the pedestrian realm and sustainability of Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
  3. Evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of a contraflow bus lane on H Street NW between New York Avenue NW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
  4. Prioritize pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users while maintaining operations for other modes.
  5. Develop a feasible and implementable conceptual plan.

Study Area

Schedule and Public Outreach

Downtown West DC - Schedule

Public Kick-Off and Final Public Meetings: Evening meetings with a formal presentation.

CAG Meetings: Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) meetings, which are open to the public. DDOT has convened a CAG to provide guidance and feedback throughout the project. The CAG is made up of representatives from the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Councils, and the Business Improvement Districts located in the Study Area.

Public Engagement Events: “Pop-up style” meetings out in the Study Area throughout the day.

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